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Arapahoe County Early Childhood Council

The Arapahoe County Early Childhood Council (ACECC) is one of thirty-one Early Childhood Councils in the State of Colorado.

The local Early Childhood Councils provide an efficient, community-based infrastructure to support a state-wide early childhood system. They are rooted in the values of community, collaboration and leadership on behalf of children from birth through age eight. They are working together as an innovative network that links practice to policy and child to community.

The Arapahoe County Early Childhood Council is composed of community leaders from early care and education, health, mental health and family support programs, working together toward comprehensive, systemic goals to meet the needs of providers, parents and children.

Supporting a Safe, Smart and Healthy Start for young children and their families.


Shared Values:

  • -We are champions for children and families.
  • -Early years are critical and unique time to ensure optimal development. Children can’t wait.
  • -Families and communities are interdependent: strong families and healthy children create thriving communities.
  • -Every parent needs support at home, at work and throughout the community, from families, friends, neighbors and community resources and should be full partners in all aspects of the planning and delivery of services and supports for their child and family.
  • -Communities have a shared responsibility to invest in young children and their families.
  • -Collaboration is essential for development and delivery of innovative, sustainable and effective programs and services.
  • -Children require a well educated and compensated early care and education work force to ensure quality care and positive outcomes.
  • -Early intervention is effective in addressing the individual needs of children who have different risks, vulnerabilities and developmental needs.
  • -ECE Professionals need ongoing education and support to succeed in their vocation. Our collaborative is dedicated to ensuring these opportunities.
  • -Every child deserves an opportunity to thrive.
  • -Agencies, programs, and services are effectively responsive to the cultural, racial, and ethnic differences of the populations they serve.

Guiding Principals:

  • -Partners bring resources to the Council to develop collaborative initiatives that optimize the use of resources and opportunities.
  • -Collaborative efforts of the Council stimulate broad and diverse public/ private sector participation in early childhood efforts.
  • -The system of care is community based, with the focus of services/supports, as well as management and decision-making responsibility, resting at the community level.
  • -Partners engage public policy leaders in order to increase community commitment to meet the needs of children and families in Arapahoe County.


Vision: Working across boundaries to deliver greater services, supports, and outcomes for children and communities



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Spot #1: "Teachers Shape the Dreams of the Next Generation"
Early Childhood teachers help shape the dreams of the next generation. The ACECC promotes quality services and supports for young children and families and recognizes that the providers of these services and supports must be engaged in continuous quality improvement. The ACECC is dedicated to ensuring professional and workforce development opportunities that will lead to high quality outcomes for young children and families.

Spot #2: "2 Year Olds Explore and Discover Their World"
Every astronaut, world leader, artist or scientist was once a two-year old, so be patient and let them explore and discover their world. All children grow and develop at varied rates. While their journeys through childhood differ, most pass a set of predictable milestones along the way. Remember that each child develops differently and that an individual child may develop more quickly in one area than in another.

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