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Scholarship Application

When funding is available, ACECC provides college scholarships, up to $550 per semester, to licensed family childcare providers, staff of licensed childcare centers, and licensed school-age programs to help supplement the cost of tuition and related text books.

Applications must be received by the specific deadline to be considered for the upcoming semester. They cannot be faxed.

Arapahoe Community College


Scholarships can help you pay for college! The best part is: they don't have to be paid back!

Thanks the ACC Foundation, generous donors, and the college itself, we have many scholarships available to our students! We offer a wide range of scholarships. You may qualify for one or several!

But don't limit yourself to just ACC scholarships. You should also apply for outside scholarships to make sure you get as much as you can in scholarship assistance before using student loans.

Community College of Aurora Foundation


Welcome to CCA’s Scholarship and Grants homepage. Here you will find valuable information on how to apply for grants and scholarships to help you pay for college. To learn more click the links below.

Daniels Fund

Boundless Opportunity Scholarship

The Boundless Opportunity Scholarship is available to non-traditional students in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming who are enrolled in undergraduate degree or certificate programs at select two- and four-year colleges and universities, or who are training for high-demand careers in specific training programs. The Daniels Fund awards grants to select colleges, universities, or training providers who then award need based scholarships to successful student applicants.

Colorado Shines Professional Development Information System

Scholarship Resources

PDIS has compiled a list of financial resources available to help pay for your education.


Early childhood professionals who have higher education have been shown to have a better understanding of child development and to be more responsive to the educational and academic needs of young children.