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Promoting Safe & Stable Families

Through Federal funding and in partnership with Arapahoe County Department of Human Services, ACECC provides advocacy, resources, and education for families through the Promoting Safe & Stable Families (PSSF) program. 

The focus of PSSF includes:

  • Supports to families with children birth - age 8
  • Early Childhood Education Resources
  • CAPTA/Developmental Screenings
  • Child Care Resources
  • Parent Education Resources
  • Engaging Fathers
  • Connection to enrichment activities/community supports
  • Encouraging early education success 

PSSF can provide support with the following program components:

  •  Access to a PSSF support staff
  • Incredible Years Parenting Group
  • Nurturing Fathers Parenting Group
  • Emergency, Short Term Childcare/Respite Care

The PSSF support staff can:

  • Assists families in accessing community supports by identifying resources and addressing barriers
  • Monitor connections to community resources & supports
  • Coordinate collaboration activities between community partners
  • Develop and maintain collection of community resources for parents

As a parent or caregiver in need of parent support services, you can refer yourself to the Promoting Safe & Stable Families Program by contacting us below.

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