ACECC Child Care Navigator

What is a Child Care Navigator?

A child care navigator assists providers through:

  • Consultation for CCAP Best Practices, Policies, and Procedures.

  • Referrals of CCAP and Private Pay families in the area to your center/home.

  • Trainings in CCAP and Business related topics – monthly provider training, and CCAP Quarterly Meetings.

  • Assistance (on-site and remotely) with the attendance tracking system, provider self-service portal, and other CCAP related systems.

  • Outreach to answer questions about becoming a CCAP provider, and to provide assistance with submitting a fiscal agreement to become authorized for Arapahoe County CCAP.

What You Need to Know About Offering the Colorado Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP)

CCAP is the State of Colorado's program that governs the rules for child care benefits.  It is administered by each county to provide maximum flexibility to county residents.  CCAP provides eligible families with financial assistance to access quality child care.

CCAP covers the cost of care with a daily rate of reimbursement.  This includes up to three absences per month.  Rates differ based on full or part-time care.

CCAP and Colorado Shines

In 2017, CCAP introduced a tiered reimbursement system that matches your QRIS Level in Colorado Shines.  Providers with higher quality ratings (Level 3-5) receive more financial reimbursement per day and parents pay lower parent fees.

The Benefits of Offering CCAP

  • Support currently enrolled families who are faced with financial needs, in order to maintain continuity of care for the child.

  • Support the community by offering access to your quality program.

  • Support your employees with financial assistance while they grow their career in ECE.

For more information and to access State Resources visit:

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