Our Work


Our Vision

Working across boundaries to deliver greater service, support, and outcomes for children and communities.

Our Mission

Arapahoe County Early Childhood Council is a collaborative promoting high quality programs and services which support a Safe, Smart, and Healthy Start for young children and their families in Arapahoe County.

Shared Values

  • We are champions for children and families.

  • Early years are a critical and unique time to ensure optimal development. Children can't wait.

  • Families and communities are interdependent: strong families and healthy children create thriving communities.

  • Every parent needs support at home, at work, and throughout the community, from families, friends, neighbors, and community resources.

  • Communities have a shared responsibility to invest in young children and their families.

  • Collaboration is essential for development and delivery of innovative, sustainable, and effective programs and services.

  • Children require a well educated and compensated early care and education work force to ensure quality care and positive outcomes.

  • Early intervention is effective in addressing the individual needs of children who have different risks, vulnerabilities, and developmental needs.

  • Early care and education professionals need ongoing education and support to succeed in their vocation and our collaborative is dedicated to ensuring these opportunities.

  • Every child deserves and opportunity to thrive.

Guiding Principles

  • Partners bring resources to the Council to develop collaborative initiatives that optimize the use of resources and opportunities.

  • Collaborative efforts of the Council stimulate broad and diverse public and private sector participation in early childhood efforts.

  • Partners engage in public policy leaders and increase their commitment to meet the needs of children and families in Arapahoe County.


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2016 Stats

Safe Care CO:

  • 104 families were supported by ACECC staff (2016-17)

  • 54 families completed all three Safe Care parent education modules (2016-17)

Health & Wellness:

  • ACECC helped enroll 2,322 Arapahoe County children and adults in health insurance (2016-17)

Quality Improvement:

  • ACECC staff supported 159 Centers and Home Care providers to improve childcare site quality (2016-17)

  • 64 sites rated at a Level 4 or 5 (2016-17)